Featured Brand

Our featured brand for Summer 2023 is Spark Confectionary! 

Spark Confectionary is a patisserie based in Jackson, MS founded in 2020. Their snacks consist of gourmet twists on cookies, macarons, marshmallows and Argentinean alfajores. The result is well-balanced sweets and treats with the finest ingredients!

In their own words: 

The owners of Spark Confectionary developed the idea for Spark after 6 successful years owning a patisserie in Jackson, Mississippi. They believed that they had an exceptional product and wanted to rebrand in a way that would allow them to reach a larger audience. Spark Confectionary was born with a lineup of their best and brightest crowd-pleasing products from their 6 years in business. All of our products are made in a small-batch kitchen with the highest quality ingredients, which makes a difference you can truly taste.